Grief & Abortion: Creating a Safe Place to Heal Paperback – 2011


By: Linda Ramos Stewart

As friends and family members, volunteers and professionals, we all know and meet men and women who have been touched by reproductive loss due to an abortion. The men and women that struggle after an abortion experience have prompted us to ask: How can I help? How can I be a safe place? How can I better understand someone’s response after an abortion and what the healing process might look like? In consultation with a group of professors, therapists, and peer counselors, Grief & Abortion: Creating a Safe Place to Heal was developed to answer these questions. This resource will help you to “connect the dots” as it builds upon your relationship skills (friends and family members) and your training and experience as a peer counselor, therapist, or health professional so that you can communicate to clients and loved ones that they are not alone, and that healing resources are available.

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