Comfort Box by Life Perspectives – For one person


Comfort Box
from Life Perspectives’ Signature Collection

Memorializing the loss of a child can be a powerful part of the healing process. Many people who have gone through this experience find that cherishing the memory of their child in meaningful ways builds a lasting connection to help with grieving and healing.

The Comfort Box from Life Perspectives’ Signature Forget Me Not Collection is a way to honor anyone impacted by reproductive loss as well as to memorialize a child. The Comfort Box may offer comfort to anyone who may be grieving or impacted by pregnancy and other reproductive losses.

This box includes the following items to help with comfort after loss:

1 Forget Me Not remembrance bracelets

1 Forget Me Not pins

1 packets of Forget Me Not seeds

1 journals

1 candles

Sympathy card

1 blue box with the words “Forget Me Not”

This Comfort Box is part of the Life Perspectives’ “Forget Me Not” Signature Collection. The “Forget Me Not” Signature Collection honors those impacted by pregnancy and reproductive loss with the “Forget Me Not” flower. The “Forget Me Not” flower assures those impacted that we are remembering them, and remembering their children with them.

We hope that this Comfort Box can help you or your loved one on your healing journey and that you find your path to strength and peace. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Please know that you are not alone.

Artwork: Original artwork for the Life Perspectives Signature Collection greeting cards designed by Allison Cosmos. ©2021 Life Perspectives.